Reward Points

Welcome to the Essential Calm reward points program where you earn reward points simply by making purchases on our store.

These purchases earn reward points that discount future orders and bring big savings.

How does it all work?
Simply become a member by registering on our site during checkout and complete your first purchase. Once your payment has been processed and your order is completed, the reward points will be credited to your account. You can then use those reward points to discount a future order.

How many points can i earn?
The sky is the limit as to how many points you can earn. You dont have to spend all your points at once. You can use a little here, and a little there, or use all your points to apply a big discount to your order.

What is the reward point conversion?
For every dollar spent on Essential Calm, you will receive 1 reward point. And for every 15 reward points earned, you can then use those 15 reward points to discount your order $1.00.

Lets take a look at an example to see the real discounts in action using reward points

Your first order is for $150.00. You would then earn 150 reward points. On your next order, you will be given the opportunity to use your 150 reward points which if you used them all, would discount your order $10.00.

Of course you dont have to use them all on an order. The choice is yours. Most customers bank their reward points and keep saving until they can apply a large number of reward points and basically earn their entire purchase for free.

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